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Crafting a Sensory-Friendly Holiday for Every Child

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it can be challenging for kids who struggle with social interactions. That's why it's important to use effective strategies that help them navigate and enjoy these festive gatherings. Here are some tips that you...

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Creating a Sensory-Friendly Home Environment for Children

For children who struggle with sensory processing, creating a sensory-friendly home environment is crucial for supporting their well-being and development. To get started, it's essential to understand your child's sensory sensitivities. These can include sensitivities...

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Four Tips to Help Your Child Learn Language

Language plays a crucial role in a child's overall development. As a parent, you have the power to nurture and enhance your child's language skills from an early age. We’ve collected four effective strategies that can help your child learn language more effectively....

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Nurturing Growth Through Feeding Therapy

Feeding difficulties in children can manifest in various ways. Some may struggle with food aversions, refusing to eat certain textures or flavors. Others may face oral motor challenges, making it difficult for them to chew and swallow safely. Sensory issues can also...

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Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

As a parent, it can be difficult to determine whether your child needs occupational therapy. It's natural to worry about your child's development and want to provide them with the best possible support during their formative years. First, let's dive into what is...

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The Importance of Early Intervention

You have probably heard that the first several years of your little one’s life are the most important to build strong language skills. That’s because, during the first few years of life, the human brain develops incredibly fast, and these years are considered the...

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What To Expect At Your Speech Therapy Evaluation

When you arrive at Speak Easy Speech Therapy, you will be met by our friendly office staff that will bring you to our treatment space. They will take a copy of your insurance information and give you an intake packet to complete throughout the evaluation which will...

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Do You Know A Good Speech Therapist?

Trying to find a good provider, of any kind, can be challenging. I have a client who is a dentist, gave me a great perspective. She told me that people asked her all the time for a recommendation of a good dentist. She referenced a professor who once said to her that...

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When Should You Seek Help?

When should you seek help? If your concerned about your child’s language development look at the warning signs listed below. If your child exhibits any of the following please seek help from a licensed speech-language professional. By 12 months Doesn’t babble with...

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