Trying to find a good provider, of any kind, can be challenging. I have a client who is a dentist, gave me a great perspective. She told me that people asked her all the time for a recommendation of a good dentist. She referenced a professor who once said to her that a “good dentist” is the one you like. It’s not something another person can recommend. The right provider is the one you connect with, the one you feel comfortable with and trust.

As a speech language pathologist working with kids, I find this is especially true. 

The client above went on to tell me that this was applicable when meeting me. Her son connected with me immediately because I “made it fun.” She went on to say that her son calls my office “daddy’s office.” How sweet is that?!

These stories, of my clients, finding comfort and success with me, really warm my speechy heart! I hope you find this connection with your providers, don’t stop looking until you do!