Frequent Questions

Q Our schedule is busy, will you travel to my child’s school or daycare?

AYes, I will happily travel to your child’s school or daycare to provide therapy. My goal is to keep therapy easy and convenient for busy parents. I travel to Nashua, Hudson, Hollis, Merrimack, Amherst and Bedford

Q Why would I hire a private therapist when I can get free speech services at his/her school? What are the benefits to private speech therapy?

A On average a school therapist carries a caseload of 30 – 60 children, that is a lot of kids! Vacation weeks, long weekends, meetings and report writing are obstacles that exist in a school that may interfere with managing these kiddos. This can lead to missed sessions, make-up sessions and less time in therapy with your child. In contrast, a private therapist maintains a manageable caseload size that is based completely on providing quality, individualized skilled therapy, family training, and results!

Q My child was assessed by his/her speech therapist at school. The speech therapist said that my child did not qualify for therapy. How can this be? I hear errors in his/her speech.

A A school therapist can only qualify children that score below a certain average on standardized tests. If your child scores above this number, it does not necessarily mean that your child does not have a speech or language problem that requires intervention. Simply put, private speech therapists have more flexibility because they are not tied down to the rules of a school district.

Q My child receives speech services at school for 30 minutes one time per week, but I feel he/she might benefit from more speech what can I do about this?

A You can supplement your child’s school therapy with private therapy. However, every child is unique, and their communication needs differ. As a result, it is up to you and your speech therapist to develop an individualized therapy plan that meets the specific needs of your child.