What Parents are Saying

Ardith was a great resource during a stressful time while we were trying to determine the cause of my son’s speech delay. She was patient and concerned and took the time to answer all my questions. She made sure I had all the right referrals and testing to ensure a complete and thorough work up. She went above and beyond and checked in before and after appointments. She even offered to accompany me during some appointments to make sure we got all of our questions answered. Ardith truly cared about my son’s success and for that I am grateful.


Hollis, NH

Working with Ardith was an enriching experience for our family. My son was always excited for his speech sessions with her and she kept him motivated and willing to work hard. One thing I found to be especially valuable about working with Ardith was her family-centered approach. She was eager to pass along strategies and tips so that I could continue to work with my son on my own. She was such a resource to us and was always willing to answer our many questions. Ardith’s knowledge, creativity and dedication to our child’s success is something we will be forever grateful for!


Nashua, NH

Around the time I found Ardith and her services, my 4 year old son was starting to develop frustration when being corrected for his speech issues. What was equally frustrating was the fact that I had had his speech tested at our local elementary school just a month prior. The school told me that he was ding, “fine”. That the things I was noticing at home weren’t things he was supposed to “get” until later in development. This puzzled me. If they were words he was using incorrectly now, wasn’t there a likely chance that these mispronunciations could form into bad habits. Not to mention that I was the person who knew him best in the world. If I was having a hard time understanding him, wouldn’t the world take issue?

I was frustrated, and frankly tired of hearing people tell me that, “he would be fine”. I was watching my already shy middle child shrink before my eyes for fear that others wouldn’t understand him. Or worse yet, make him repeat his response in hopes that someone would understand.

From our first meeting Ardith made me feel that my concern was justified. I’ve later come to learn that the amount of space in the public schools speech program is limited. The spaces must be filled by the children most in need. I do understand that concept. I only wish that someone would have pulled me aside and told me that there were other avenues to travel down. Or better yet, that I wasn’t an over-reactive crazy mother setting high standards on a 4 year olds speech development!

She is an amazing therapist who genuinely wants to help children overcome their obstacles. Even on my son’s shyest days Ardith is somehow able to get him to open up enough to put in the work. Work doesn’t seem like the best word to use. Ardith makes the sessions fun and engaging. Most of the time my son doesn’t even realize he is developing his speech. He just thinks he’s playing games! I couldn’t be happier with Speak Easy Speech. It really is that easy!




Merrimack, NH