Other Provided Services

Family Training

Family training is an important aspect of therapy. During this time parents will learn how to support their child’s communication needs. Effective techniques will be taught to perpetuate gains made over time. Therapy doesn’t end after an hour.

Teacher Training/In-service

I am happy to come visit you at school! Together we can improve classroom communication and social skills across the day. Let me know what interests you about speech therapy and how I can help you improve your understanding, learn about effective communication techniques, or implement student social skills.

Second Opinions

Sometimes we need a second opinion. There are a variety of reasons for this and I would be happy to discuss any concerns that you have.

Telespeech Services

Our telespeech services are top notch, continuing to make therapy fun and engaging for kids and adults of all ages. An easy to set up user friendly platform helps to make this happen. Simply set up an account and you are ready to begin therapy!

Click here to see my list of must haves to make your teletherapy experience successful.